City strategic vision

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Why invest in Genoa? Because it's a smart creative high tech livable colorful cultural competitive city.

Key sectors

  • Port - logistic and shipping

    The port of Genoa is 
the main gateway in the Mediterranean Sea and it has always played a central role in Italy, especially due to its proximity to the cities of Turin and Milan.
    It is a natural access
door to the north of Italy and central Europe.
    Recent additional investments 
on infrastructure network and the potential inclusion in the “New Silk road” will create new opportunities for commercial development.

  • High Technology

    High-tech sector in Genoa is in a constant growth and one of the most productive in Italy. Some of the global industry leaders and lots of start up companies investing in IT, IoT and industry 4.0 are settled here. Moreover the national research centre on advanced technologies (IIT, Institute of Italian Technology ), the technological campus of Erzelli Park, a qualified University are attracting international and national players.

  • Tourism and Culture

    The historical centre is renowned as the largest
 in Europe.
    The city has lots of touristic attractions with its 42 historical Palaces registered on the Unesco World Heritage List, more than 20 museums, 15 ancient fortresses, one of the largest Aquariums in Europe, nice seaside suburbs with promenades and beaches. Genoa is also the best choice if you are looking for trekking, sailing and tasting typical healthy food.

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(2020 data)

The Genoa Bridge Project

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Opportunities for investors

Tax Reduction

The City administration is about to launch a set of fiscal exemptions on local taxes, together with the exemption on the regional IRAP, for up to 5 years for enterprises that set up a business in Liguria. These measures will grant a reduction in local taxes (TARI, TASI, use of public land, planning fees) for firms that relocate to the area but also for existing companies increasing their local workforce.

Low employee cost

Labour costs in Genoa are substantially lower than in other parts of Italy, especially when compared with medium and large cities. Labour costs in Genoa are 15% lower than in Milan and 30% more competitive than in France. Genoa has also high professionals and low employee turnover

Infrastructural Works

The development of the city will leverage major infrastructural works. The new rail tunnel “Terzo Valico” will enable high speed trains to connect Genoa and Milan in only 45 minutes; while the new highway junction “Gronda”will free the city from heavy traffic

Real Estate

Improved high speed connections to the city are expected to contribute to an increase in real estate values. Genoa is the cheapest and most attractive city in Italy in regard to the purchase of real estate, with an average price of 1,805 €/sqm

Economic development

In the first half of 2018 Genoese economy and employee rate witnessed +0.3%in comparison with the same period of 2017

Strategic economic centre

The city is the southern pillar of the “industrial triangle” (Milan-Turin-Genoa), contributing with industrial, port, logistics and high-tech expertise to the success of this business cluster

key access to central Europe

Genoa is strategically located in the heart of Europe and acts as a natural Mediterranean gateway to the leading industrial and consumer areas of Central Europe

Further opportunities for expansion

China’s strong interest in including the Ports of Genoa along the New Maritime Silk Road, the multi-billion Belt and Road Initiative

Quality of life

thanks to mild weather, landscape, art and historical sites, sport, food and wine Genoa is a fantastic place both to visit and to live & work in

Urban infrastructures

Underground railway, tramways and funicular railways will facilitate connections between new districts (Erzelli) and underlying neighbourhoods undergoing urban renewal (Cornigliano and Sestri Ponente)

Artistic and environmental heritage

Genoa boasts an amazing artistic and environmental heritage, including a huge medieval historical centre, whose potential still has to be fully explored

Gastronomic excellence

The cuisine of Genoa is a rich, tasty and healthy expression of the Mediterranean diet and reveals the character of the land and the simplicity of its people


City administration wants to encourage the creation of start-ups also with tax reduction


New University Campuses are being planned: they will attract younger people in order to lower the average age of the city population.

Renovation of the territory

Considering the quality of the territory, there is a very high revaluation potential

Rental prices of prime offices 2nd quarter 2018


(data for offices with 100 employees)