Sharing measures to cope the covid-19 impacts


An example from the Municipality of Genoa.

Starting from March 2020 in Italy, during the full crisis due to the Covid-19 virus, the city of Genoa moved quickly to face the emergency and act on the short and medium term. The main goal? Ensuring to the population trust and continuity management with coping activities and, on the same time, keeping the ball rolling in fostering resilient sustainable recovery.


In the short term, the containment measures implemented by the Municipality concerned the distribution of personal protective equipment to the population, the people in quarantine have been reached by proximity services such as the waste collections, health care facilities and displaced in other places to avoid contamination effects on their families.

Doctors and nurses has been placed in different location, both public to private put at disposal to minimize the physical contacts and in general among the people the social distancing has been monitored by the civil servants. More and more policeman, volunteers of the associations and belonging to the civil protection department helped in lunch distributions, as well as medicines and basic services provided to elderly at home and poor people.

The parks and gardens have been closed to maintain social distancing and waste sanitary services has been ensured. Moreover streets disinfection has been put in place and the public transport services has been adapted to the lowering demand taking all protective measures to the employees and the people (dispenser with sanitary gel on the buses, indications for the flow managements, disinfections of all public services facilities, buildings and so on).


Regarding to the Medium term, especially referring on the recovery field, it was approved a resilient city strategy named Lighthouse that fosters in a few weeks the delivery of an action plan that combine climate, demographic, digital change and transition risks and related negative/positive effects also related to COVID19 pandemic issue that currently affected people as a shock, and waked settlements and the socioeconomic tissue as a stressor.


In the context of the city of Genoa the robustness of the city ecosystem will depend upon the resources and the new routes given by the European Commission and the ability of the member states to manage them in each country. If the city were more prepared to implement new sustainable economic development model it could gather more resources to put it on the ground. Energy efficiency, Circular economy, Climate Adaptation, Innovative Infrastructures, Sustainable Mobility are the main pillars to the 2050 vision.

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