Corona Virus Pandemic - Genova: Measures to cope and overcome the emergency


The Italian city of Genoa has realized a summary of the city’s measures in response to the Covid19 pandemic. The presentation describes a progressive approach where the focus was primarily on the city’s community and on the continuity management. Meanwhile, the city prepares for reboot, resilient and sustainable growth after the crisis.

Regarding the people, the priority of intervention was focused on maintaining the population safe at home by redesigning new services for the elderly and disabled, as well organizing home delivery groceries and medicines to the most vulnerable people. Moreover, cartoons for children were made by the Lios Club and more activities were put in place by Civil Protection of the City in order to help them understand the momentum.

Regarding to the Job, work continuity management has been the main challenge to cope to: more than two thousand employees of the Municipality of Genoa  have been engaged in smartworking activities and 100,000 protective masks were distributed to municipal employees and transport operators, waste collection, local police, civil protection and volunteers involved in the delivery of groceries at home.

About the services, priority intervention was put on the territorial control where the Local Police was engaged daily with checks aimed at compliance with the measures to contain the virus also through innovative initiatives such as the use of monitoring drones. Sanitation and operational activities were provided to the population such as cleaning the roads; moreover the public company of urban hygiene AMIU managed the service of collection of infected waste at over 1,000 domiciled in quarantine. Other important services and cultural activities were guaranteed to the citizens, like the possibility to read e-books available free of charge from the Libraries of Genoa Metropolitan or joining a virtual tours of Genoa’s Museums in order to allow a continuous fruition of the City’s historical-cultural patrimony.

Link to the complete summary of the measures to cope and overcome the emergency by the City of Genoa:

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