Genoa provides an ideal modern logistics platform for businesses working with the leading manufacturing and consumer centers in Italy’s most productive area which generates up to 40% of Italian GDP.

In total, the Ports of Genoa shipyard sector employs approximately 6,500 people, and it continues to thrive as one of the leading facilities in Southern Europe.

They are the generator in Italy of the largest concentration of technical, professional, scientific and educational skills and knowledges related to the maritime-port economy sector. Thanks to this cultural heritage, universities, research institutions, professional offices, schools, companies and technicians consultants actively operate on the territory. All together, these “knowledge workers” comprise today the largest component and qualified workforce, directly and indirectly involved in the port, and the best guarantee for its future.

The Ports of Genoa handle yearly just under 2.7 million TEU and 70 million tonnes of total throughput. Containerised traffic accounts for 37% of total trade, with growth rate of approximately 50% in the last decade, whilst breakbulk and ro-ro traffic account for 22.4% of the total.

The Ports of Genoa benefit from a strategic position with easy access to/from the major inland routes both by road across the international motorway network and by rail to the leading European industrial destinations.