• Ligurian ports handle about 39.4% of the container pass-by national harbours (53.2% excluding the transhipment).
  • Genoa represents the South Terminal of the Alps-Rhine Corridor and the ideal transit point for the Silk Road (from China to Europe).
  • Liguria is the first Region in Italy for number of shipbuilding companies on the total manufacturing (1.5% vs. Italian average of 0.3%).

The port of Genoa is the generator in Italy of the largest concentration of technical, professional, scientific and educational skills and knowledges related to the maritime-port economy sector. Thanks to this cultural heritage, universities, research institutions, professional offices, schools, companies and technicians consultants actively operate on the territory. All together, these “knowledge workers” comprise today the largest component and qualified workforce, directly and indirectly involved in the port, and the best guarantee for its future.

Genoa is the first Italian port in terms of total goods handling, with a total of 55 ml tons and an increasing rate of +8.6% in comparison to the past year.

It is one of the first Mediterranean ports of final destination regarding both container transport, about 1.8 ml of teus, and passengers transit, more than 3.2 ml (cruises plus ferries). www.portsofgenoa.com   (PHOTOGALLERY)