STG - System Transportation Genova

  • 28 Feb, 2018

The orographic conformation of Genoa’s territory, between the sea and the Apennine mountains, the productive and population density, and some historic “accelerations” in urban development have produced an infrastructural system partially inadequate, and more importantly uneven. In particular, the network of secondary roads is not adequate to support the motorway and the main urban routes (skyway, sea bypass, Viale Brigate, Corso Europa) and distribute the traffic flow efficiently.

These are some of the main goals for the improvement of urban mobility:

  • To increase the overall capacity of the multimodal urban transport network, especially of the means of public transport circulating on their own infrastructures (extension of the subway, innovative surface transportation system with protected lanes, enhancing urban railway network);
  • To improve urban public transport system, in order to attract new users and secure regular ones, with working on the different transportation systems (railway, subway, innovative surface transportation system, cable-car system, boat service), creating an integrated transportation system with interchange hubs (car-public transport and other public transport systems).