B|Line - Ciclabile

  • 18 Jun, 2016

The cycle and pedestrians shared path, 11 km long, is a project of great importance for Genoa. It is indeed an infrastructure aiming at redeveloping and connecting some areas of the city characterized by physical or social degradation, difficult access and underuse. Starting from the district of Sampierdarena (peripheral area), the path reaches the village of Boccadasse touching some of the most important symbols of Genoa, including the Lanterna (the Lighthouse) and the Palazzo del Principe. The path will also pass through the area affected by Renzo Piano’s masterplan known as the “Waterfront of Levante”.

From a tourists’ point of view the infrastructure is well connected to the public transport system, including the maritime one. It was conceived with 3 separate and “fast” lanes: one is dedicated exclusively for travel cycling, one to pedestrians and the last one to sport activities.