The business volume generated by the Silver Economy counts approximately three trillion dollars per year, impressive numbers that make it the third largest economy in the world, with an European volume reaching the 25% of GDP.

Life expectancy lengthens and Europe grows old quickly: according to statistics, 18% of the population was over 65 in 2003, while in 2050 the European average will reach 28% of over-65.

Population ageing is a phenomenon that brings with it important and far-reaching consequences. Demographic changes, in fact, offer challenges but also great opportunities for all economic sectors of society: transport, food, insurance, residential, health care, tourism, communication, internet, culture and leisure.

Liguria, with 48.5 years, records the highest average age of Italy (on a national scale is 44.7), and Genoa is the European city where people live longer; it is expected that the average age will rise to 51 years in 2050, compared with an Italian estimated average of 50.1 years.

Thanks to the mild climate, the many cultural attractions, the natural beauty and the excellent quality of life, Genoa and Liguria are the best candidates for active ageing, and aim to attract senior people from all over of the world.