General Information

The Fiera del Mare is the subject of an urban regeneration project: built in the 1960s as a city exhibition centre thanks to complex, extensive infilling, it now includes pavilions, outdoor areas and water mirrors making the area completely unique.

It needs to be enhanced and modernized to make it competitive on the international exhibition scene, which no longer focuses primarily on ample exhibition space but rather on the provision of reliable high quality services for visitors and exhibitors. The redevelopment project therefore envisages a contraction of the exhibition functions and the creation of a hub that integrates trade, nautical and sporting functions, in an area in which the city and the sea meet, usable by both Genoese citizens and visitors.

The “Levante Waterfront” design comes from a collaboration between Arch. Renzo Piano and  “R.P.B.W. S.r.l., with the support of the Liguria Region, the Municipality of Genoa and the Genoa Port Authority, with the goal of developing and harmonizing the industrial and urban functions present in the Levante areas of the Port of Genoa, in the area between Calata Gadda and Punta Vagno.

It consists in the evolution of the urban dynamics of the city and the development of the productive and nautical activities in port area, as well as landscaping, urban planning and infrastructure related to the areas concerned. The goal of transformation is the enhancement of the relationship between the city and the sea, in terms of environmental sustainability, as well as social and economic aspects of these activities. It foresees the creation of an “urban channel” or navigable waterway close to the ancient walls of the city connecting the Porto Antico and the Fair, which restores to the city its view of the sea and allows the port to have its own distinct identity.


Download the “Levante Waterfront” designed by Renzo Piano  and RPBW


    • Exhibition
    • Nautical
    • Tourism
    • Sport
    • Commercial
    • Offices
    • Residential
    • Parking
Why invest in this project
  • Located in the city centre in a context of high environmental and real estate value (overlooking the sea and close to nautical activities).
  • Close to ferry and cruise port (3 Million passengers in 2017) and to the Aquarium of Genova, one of the main tourist attractions of the city (1 Million visitors in 2017)
  • Location of the annual Boat Show
  • Proximity of important roads and mobility infrastructures (airport, railway stations, motorway toll booths)
    • 12 km from the airport (20 minutes by car)
    • 1,5 km from the Railway station (9 minutes by bus)
    • 4,5 km from the highway (14 minutes by car)
  • Availability of owned areas
  • Strong committment of the public administration on the project
  • Project proposed by an internationally renowned architect, Renzo Piano, as a guarantee of quality for any investor
The new project by RPBW
The Levante Waterfront design foresees the reorganization of the cleared surface area in a new space destined for receptive / residential, tertiary, commercial (coherent with the function of the area as a nautical fair) with a maximum ceiling of 53,000 sqm, significantly reducing the current volume.
The creation of a new urban axis between the Fair and Porto Antico, upstream of the canal, allows the city to reacquire a new front on the sea previously denied by the buildings of the Fair. The area will be integrated with the larger context via a linear park in the part north of the district and an urban green garden at the seafront of Corso Marconi that integrates with Corso Italia.