TIn Genoa, the high-tech industry consists of multinationals in the field of energy, automation, transport and infrastructure with research and development activities, and a network of companies employing a total of over 23,000 people, with a significant presence in the areas of electronics, robotics and biotech (we are proud of nationally and internationally excellence centres, including IIT - Institute of Italian Technology).

There are 1,691 digital businesses in Liguria, 102 of which are workshops, with respectively an increase of +2.5% and +2% compared to the second quarter of 2017.

Genoa is the second most attractive city in Italy for investments: the city has strengthened its technology sector, with particular attention to biomedical research and mechanics.

The city of the future is born in a Great Campus

The scientific and technological park in Erzelli developed by GHT Spa (led by CEO Luigi Predeval) consolidates its vocation for innovation: not only as a place of exchange between companies, academics and research centers, but also an urban eco-sustainable site, conceived with cutting-edge technological solutions. New guests populate the Campus: the Italian Institute of Technology has completed their move and 200 researchers have joined the 2000 people who already work there, including Siemens, Esaote, Ericsson, Digital Liguria and Talent Garden. Last October the contract signed with the University of Genoa agreed the move, scheduled for 2024, of the Polytechnic School to Erzelli, in a 60,000 square meter site that will host 5,500 students, researchers and academics; an affiliated private hospital is also arriving, the largest in the West, a new point of reference for health and research at the national level. GREAT Campus is also the largest redevelopment project in Genoa aimed a creating a new geographically integrated urban space. An area of 110,000 square meters will include houses, student residences and rental properties, to make the Campus a welcoming place. For more information www.great-campus.it

The Great Campus: