Blue Economy set the scene of all human activities that live the sea, the coasts and the seabed as resources for industrial activities and the development of services – such as aquaculture, fishing, marine biotechnology, maritime, coastal and cruise tourism, maritime transport, ports and shipbuilding, marine renewable energy – included in a perspective of sustainable development. In a peninsular country like Italy, surrounded by the sea for about 80% of its borders, the Blue Economy has an important share in the productive system.
There are almost 200 thousand sea-economy enterprises, equal to 3.1% of the total, that employ about 500 thousand people.

Liguria is the region in which the sea economy plays a major role thanks to an incidence of Blue Economy companies up to 9.1% over the regional total.

The sea is a strong source of growth and development not only in national terms, but also local scenario:

  • 156 Blue Economy companies
  • 13 billion Euros of production

In the “Rapporto Liguria 2022 of “The European House - Ambrosetti”, Liguria Region is the first one for:

  • Blue Economy contribution (up to 9.1% of the regional total)
  • the share of the shipbuilding companies on the total manufacturing (1.5% on the Italian average of 0.3%)
  • handling about 39.4%of containers in transit in national ports (53.2% excluding transhipment).

A key event for the Blue economy is the International Boat Show (almost 1000 exhibitors and 175.000 visitors in 2018)